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Farm and Hunting Premises for sale in Burgos

The Useful Agricultural Area of ​​rural land in Burgos is more than 778 thousand hectares, 79.7% are arable land crops, 2.4% are woody crops and 17.9% are permanent pastures. In the province's agriculture, the predominant crops are cereals, vines and potatoes, as well as beets, corn and other vegetables, but with less presence. Regarding livestock, the species that are raised the most in Burgos are cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. The hunting reserves in the territory add up to a total of 952, of which 122 are registered as private reserves and 35 as federal reserves. The animals that are most hunted in the small game reserves in Burgos are the woodcock, it has a high number of woodcock reserves in Burgos, the quail, which is also one of the most hunted animals in this province, in fact, in 2020 It was the province with the most captured quail, and partridge. Also, in big game, wild boar, deer and roe deer stand out.


Properties for sale

EUR 69,346

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14 ha

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EUR 11,171/ha

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What are hunting cards?

The cards of the intensive hunting reserves in Burgos are documents that indicate the number of pieces that can be hunted and the specific conditions for a hunting reserve. It is a way to become a member and limit hunting quotas. Go to Cocampo and find different hunting grounds in Burgos.

How can I find rustic properties in Burgos as cheaply as possible?

To find a rural house for sale in Burgos as cheap as possible, Cocampo has a variety of rustic houses in Burgos. To get the cheapest, you just have to filter by price. For example, you could search in the keyword filter: country house Burgos, and order the price from lowest to highest in the search. Another option is to look for rustic houses for sale in towns of Burgos.

Where can I find the sale of a rustic property in Burgos?

You can find advertisements for the sale of rustic properties in Burgos in the Cocampo search engine. You just have to filter by province and choose from any country estate in Burgos. You will also be able to fulfill your dream of buying a country house in Burgos.

What types of hunting reserves in Burgos could I find?

The hunting reserves in Burgos are very numerous, highlighting the roe deer reserves, the woodcock reserves and the quail reserves, and the partridge reserves in Burgos. In Cocampo you can find hunting grounds for sale and lease, and alternatively you have the option to search for hunting grounds that need partners in Burgos.


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