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Land for sale in Seville

Rural land in Seville has more than 1 million hectares of usable agricultural area (UAA), making it the fourth province in Spain with the largest UAA. Of the total, 50% is arable land, 30% is woody crops and 20% is permanent pasture. The crops with the highest production volume are rice (50% of national production and 15% of European production), wheat, oranges, table olives, cotton, beets, tomatoes, alfalfa, peaches, potatoes, barley and chickpeas. With respect to livestock, pig farming stands out with more than 680,000 farms. It has more than 1,250 hunting preserves in Seville, is the Andalusian territory that has more weight in terms of hunting activity, and is a true reference in the sector with almost 31 thousand hunting licenses. Some of the hunting species that we can find are: wild boar, deer, mouflon, fallow deer, fox, rabbit, hare, partridge, pigeon, thrush and waterfowl.

Specifically, it is the first Spanish province in total rice production, with 36,500 hectares cultivated in 2021, the rice field of the Guadalquivir marshes contributes almost half of the Spanish production and more than 15% of the European production. The province of Seville is located in the northwest of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. From a geographical point of view, there are three main areas: Sierra Morena, the Betic Depression and the Betic Mountain Range. The Guadalquivir River crosses the province from east to southwest.


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141 ha

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EUR 88,508/ha

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Where to find country houses in Seville for sale and country houses in Seville?

On the Cocampo website, filter the results by the province of Seville and then filter by keywords such as "casa rústica" or "casa de campo". If you are looking for a small plot with a house, you can sort the results by ascending size.

What kind of properties for sale can be found in Seville?

On our platform you can find big and small game preserves, country houses, plots, rustic land and rustic farms in Seville.

How can I find cheap country properties for sale in Seville?

You can click on "more properties" and within the search engine of all the properties in Sevilla filter by price to find the cheapest ones. There is not only the option to buy, but also to rent cheap country properties in Sevilla. If you use the price filters you can also find hunting grounds within the offer.

What is the price per hectare of agricultural land in Seville?

Seville is the fifth city in Andalusia where the hectare of land is the most expensive, with an average price of 18,667 euros per hectare, the most expensive lands are the irrigated orange with a price of 41,000 euros per hectare, the irrigated mandarin with a price of 38,800 per hectare and the irrigated stone fruit tree with 38,200 euros per hectare.

Where can I find hunting grounds for sale in Sevilla?

To buy intensive hunting grounds in Seville, filter by the activity "Hunting" once the search is started.

Which hunting grounds predominate?

Hunting preserves for rabbits in Seville are the most predominant, although there are also a high number of hunting preserves for thrushes or other big game hunting preserves for species such as wild boar, roe deer or deer. There are also hunting grounds for hare hunting with greyhounds. To find them, search for the keywords "greyhound" or "hare".

Which are the most hunted animal species in Seville?

According to the Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible de la Junta de Andalucía, the most hunted animal species in the province are deer and wild boar, and in small game reserves, less abundant, partridges, pigeons, thrushes, rabbits and foxes. The dog most used for hunting, especially rabbits, is the greyhound, in fact, there is a great offer of hunting grounds for greyhounds in Seville.


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