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Rustic Properties for sale in La Rioja

The Autonomous Community has just over 213 thousand hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (SAU). These are divided into 37% arable land, 28% woody crops and 35% permanent pasture. La Rioja agriculture focuses on the cultivation of cereals (wheat and barley) and its great wine tradition. In the rural farms of La Rioja, the pig farms stand out, with 176 thousand heads, in addition to cattle and poultry farms. In its 500 thousand hectares of hunting reserves there are species of small game (partridge, quail, pigeon, woodcock, thrush, pheasant, starling, magpie and crow) and large game (hare, rabbit, fox, wild boar, deer and roe deer). .

This Autonomous Community of Spain is located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and is divided into three subregions: High, Medium and Low. From a geographical point of view, the Ebro valley stands out to the north, while the Iberian System stands out in the south. It is bathed by seven rivers in addition to the Ebro (the Oja, the Najerilla, the Iregua, the Leza, the Jubera, the Cidacos and the Alhama) for which it is known as "the one with the seven valleys".


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How can I buy a rustic property in La Rioja?

In Cocampo you can find rustic farms in La Rioja. Enter the platform portal and select the location in the search engine. Later you can filter based on categories and specificities, and thus find, for example, recreational farms in La Rioja.

What kind of properties can I find in La Rioja?

On the platform you can filter by location and find rustic farms, recreational farms with or without a house, rustic houses, rural houses, agricultural farms and many more.

Where can I find fincas and rustic houses for sale in La Rioja?

In Cocampo you can find farms and rustic houses for sale in La Rioja. To do this, search for "La Rioja" and choose from the available ads for farms and rustic houses in the region.

What is the number of hunting reserves in La Rioja?

The number of hunting reserves is 218.

Are recreational farms with houses allowed in La Rioja?

According to the Directive for the Protection of Undeveloped Land in La Rioja (DPSNUR), recreational estates with houses in La Rioja are allowed when the plot is between 500 and 1,000 square meters. In this case, you can only have a rural shed (previously known as tool sheds) with a surface area of ​​20 metres.

What is the average price of rustic land in La Rioja?

The average price of rustic land in La Rioja in 2020 is 14,934 euros per hectare.

Where are there rustic properties for sale in La Rioja?

On the Cocampo website you can find rustic properties for sale in different locations in La Rioja such as Lardero, Villamediana de Iregua, Castañares, Alberite, Calahorra, Arnedo, Najera, Albelda de Iregua, Agoncillo, Nalda, Entrena and other towns in La Rioja.

What is the law that includes what is related to rural estates in Rioja?

The law that includes what is related to rural properties in Rioja is Law 3/2019, of March 18, which modifies Law 5/2006, of May 2, on land planning and urban planning in La Rioja.

What are the most popular areas for the acquisition of rustic properties in La Rioja?

Buyers are looking for rustic properties in Calahorra, Nájera, Nalda and Ezcaray, and recreational properties in Villamediana, Logroño, Lardero, Alberite and Abelda de Iregua. There is also the possibility of acquiring country houses in Arnedo, Alberite and Logroño.

How can I sell my rustic property in La Rioja?

You can do it yourself by posting an ad in Cocampo or by contacting professionals specialized in the sale of rustic properties in La Rioja through the Cocampo Agents section.

Where to look for country houses and rural houses for sale in La Rioja?

In Cocampo, you can find country houses and rural houses for sale in La Rioja, filtered by province. To refine your search use the price and size filters.

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