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Rustic Properties and Country Houses for sale in Valencia

The Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of Valencia is 304 thousand hectares, of which 70% is woody cropland, 18% arable land and 12% permanent pasture. The crops that predominate in the rural land in Valencia are fruit trees, hence the fame of Valencian oranges. Specifically, citrus fruits occupy 25% of the Valencian countryside, followed by olive groves with 15%, vineyards with 10%, fallow land with 9%, cereals with 7% and vegetables and flowers with 3%. . In this province, pig farming is the one with the largest number of farms, followed by others such as cattle, sheep or goats. Regarding the hunting sector, taking into account that the community has a large area, it means that there are many animal species that coexist in the territory. The most outstanding are wild boar, deer and roe deer in large game, and animals in intensive small game reserves such as duck, partridge, quail, rabbit, pheasant, and pigeon, all subject to hunting season passes. .

Valencia is a Mediterranean coastal province with a mild climate that is strategically located for tourism and leisure. The province covers an area of ​​about 10,800 km2, and its terrain varies from large hills that are difficult to access to large cultivated plains. The soil of this province varies between thick mountain ranges and fertile valleys, and its coast offers a great port of reference in the Mediterranean Sea. Its inhabitants enjoy a wide variety of beautiful landscapes and leisure opportunities, from lush forests to large cities rich in culture and tradition. With so much to offer, it is an ideal place for anyone seeking pleasant weather, an abundance of beautiful views, or just some peace and quiet. It also has mountainous systems such as the Sierra de Mondúver, Sierra de Malacara or Sierra de Ador.


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EUR 140,969/ha

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What are the hunting reserves in the Valencian Community?

There are two areas declared as hunting reserves in the Valencian Community: the National Reserve of Puertos de Beceite (shared with Tarragona and Teruel) and the Valencian Hunting Reserve of Muela de Cortes (Valencia).

How many hunting areas are there in the Valencian Community?

There are a total of 999 hunting areas in the Valencian Community.

What is the average price of rustic land in the Valencian Community?

The average price of rural land in the Valencian Community is, according to 2020 data, 19,249 euros per hectare.

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