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The Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of the Basque Country is 176,000 hectares, with 54% permanent pasture, 35% arable land and 10% woody crops. In its almost 26 thousand agricultural hectares, mainly common wheat, barley and vineyards are cultivated. With around 141,000 head, the exploitation of cattle is the predominant one, along with sheep and horses. Hunting activity in the Basque Country has a significant number of followers, with small game hunting standing out over big game. In addition, the special monitoring of this practice translates into economic benefit. The species of small game present in their lands are the woodcock, the pigeon and the thrush; while those of big game are wild boar and roe deer, with stalking roe deer hunting as one of the best known.

The Basque Country is an Autonomous Community of Spain that borders France. Also known as the Basque Country, one of its main attractions is its mountainous geography, such as the Basque Mountains or the Sierra de Cantabria to the south, and its natural parks. In fact, its highest mountain, Aitxuri, is located in the Aizkorri Natural Park. Rivers as important as the Ebro pass through Basque lands, as well as others such as the Bidasoa, the Urumea or the Oria.


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