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Rustic Properties for sale in Castilla y León

Castilla y León has a total of 5.2 million hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA), with 66% arable land, 32% permanent pasture and 2% woody crops. Within its agriculture, herbaceous crops such as barley, soft wheat, sunflower, corn, rye or white wheat stand out, and woody crops such as almond trees, apple trees or grapes. Regarding livestock, the pig and cattle sector stand out with a fairly high production compared to the rest of the communities, with an agricultural exploitation of more than 2 million hectares. The hunting species that are hunted in Castilla y León are, in small game, common snipe or woodcock, quail, pigeon, partridge, hare and rabbit, among many others, and in big game, mountain goat, the deer, the roe deer, the fallow deer, the chamois and the wild boar.

The community of Castilla y León is located on the Iberian Peninsula. From a geographical point of view, it is located within the upper part of the Central Plateau, with a great variety of landscapes such as plains, mountains, valleys and forests. The main hydrographic basin of Castilla y León is the Duero and its tributaries, among which are the Pisuerga, the Esla, the Adaja and the Duratón.


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What requirements are necessary to practice hunting in the preserves of Castilla y León?

The necessary requirements to practice hunting in the reserves of Castilla y León are: to have a hunting license, as well as the relevant permits and guides for weapons, to have a written authorization from the hunting owner and a hunter`s civil liability insurance in the case of use of weapons.

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