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Land for sale in Andalusia

The Useful Agricultural Area (UAA) is 4.9 million hectares distributed among 270,000 farms. Of the UAA, 49% are rainfed woody crops, 24% are rainfed arable crops, 22% are irrigated woody crops and 5% are irrigated arable crops. The most important crops in Andalusia are olives, wheat, sunflower, almonds, barley, cotton, oats and citrus (oranges, lemons and tangerines). Andalusia has 40,000 livestock farms, with pigs, cattle and sheep being the most important respectively. Although there are also numerous goat, horse, poultry and beekeeping farms. The farms of fighting bulls and Iberian pigs are famous, as well as the cattle ranches of "Retinta" cows. Andalusian olive groves, mountains and pastures are lands for big game and small game hunting. There are numerous hunting grounds for hunting, stalking and stalking in which you can shoot big game species such as deer, wild boar, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and mountain goat; and also hunting of partridge, pigeon, thrush, turtle dove, waterfowl, rabbit and hare.

In monetary terms, the most productive and competitive agriculture in Andalusia is intensive agriculture, linked to the coastal plains or sandy areas. Andalusian organic agriculture is also undergoing extensive development, mainly oriented to export to European markets, with an incipient development of domestic demand. Andalusia is a Spanish autonomous community of mountains, rivers and farmland bordering the south of the country. Andalusia is made up of eight provinces: Huelva, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen, Granada, Almeria, Malaga and Cadiz. The most outstanding geographical areas of this autonomous community are: Sierra Morena, Guadalquivir Valley, Betic Systems, Sierra Norte, Hornachuelos, Los Pedroches, Andújar, Cazalla, Segura, Las Villas, Sierra Nevada, Serranía de Ronda and Grazalema. The Hydrographic Confederations that regulate water rights are those of the Guadalquivir, Guadiana and Segura.


Properties for sale

EUR 2,929,956

Half price

256 ha

Average ha

EUR 112,305/ha

Average price of ha


How to find cheap rural properties in Andalusia?

You can click on \"filter search\" and add a minimum or maximum price to your search.

How to find farmhouses for sale in Andalusia cheap?

You can click on \"more properties\" and within the search engine of all the properties in Andalucia filter by price to find the cheapest ones.

What is the average price of rural properties for sale in Andalusia?

The average price of agricultural properties for sale in Andalusia has increased for the third consecutive year, reaching 20,498 euros per hectare.

Are there large rural properties for sale in Andalusia?

Yes, the largest Andalusian country estate published in Cocampo is a large 3,400 hectare large hunting estate in Andújar (Jaén)

Where can you find farms with farmhouses and pastures for sale in Andalusia?

In Cocampo you can find farms with farmhouses and pastures for sale in Andalusia. To do so, filter by the provinces in which you wish to search and select the category \"recreation\".


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