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Properties and Country Houses for sale in Murcia

This region has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of 373 thousand hectares, of which 53% are woody crops, 43% arable land and 2% permanent pasture. The lands of Murcia are considered among the most fertile in the country. Agriculture is based, in particular, on dry land, in what is known as Campo de Murcia. The agricultural estates have the almond tree as the predominant crop, followed by the olive, the lemon tree and the horticultural orchard. Livestock is characterized by pig farms, followed by poultry and sheep farms. There are both small game reserves in Murcia, and large game reserves. In the former, lovers of hunting activities will be able to hunt partridge, thrush, starling, magpie and pigeon. In the latter, the mouflon, the fallow deer, the wild boar, the deer, the mountain goat and the fox.

The Autonomous Community is located in the southeast of Spain. The Segura River and its tributaries stand out: the Alhárabe, the Argos, the Quípar, the Mula and the Guadalentín.


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Where can I locate the sale of hunting reserves in Murcia?

You can locate the sale of hunting grounds in Murcia on our home page. To buy intensive preserves in Murcia, filter by the activity "Cinegetica" once the search has started.

In which municipalities or regions can I find properties?

We have advertisements for country houses in Cartagena, Garruchal and San Javier; farmhouses in Cabo Cope; and many other properties. You just have to use the search engine to find them.

Where can I buy repossessed country houses in Murcia?

In Cocampo you will find advertisements for country houses in Murcia for sale published by banks and savings banks, which come from embargoes or adjudications by dation in payment.

What type of properties do they sell in this autonomous community?

On the platform you can find rustic farms, country houses, rustic plots, large farms, agricultural estates, rustic land and rural houses.

What are the star crops in Murcia?

The most profitable farms in Murcia are all those related to irrigation and greenhouses. These are the famous Murcian orchard, fruit and vegetable products and citrus.

What kind of rustic properties in Murcia can I find in Cocampo?

On our platform you can find country houses in Murcia, but also any country estate in Murcia in general.

Do I have to keep a record of the releases if I am the owner of an intensive preserve in Murcia?

Yes, you have to keep a record of the releases if you are the owner of an intensive preserve in Murcia. You must write down before the start of each day: the origin and the number of released game, date of arrival at the preserve and release date, date of the hunts, hunting modality and name of the hunters, type and color of the marks and number of pieces hunted by species.

What is the price of rustic land in Murcia?

The sale of rustic land in Murcia has an average price of 19,433 euros per hectare, according to data from the year 2020. However, prices move in a wide range depending on its use: from dryland cereal crops in large dimensions that can be around €5,000 to greenhouses with super profitable crops where the hectare can reach €100,000.

What are the working periods of the hunting reserves in Murcia for rabbits?

The working periods of the hunting reserves in Murcia for rabbits are every day, from October 12, 2022 to January 6, 2023.

Can I find intensive rabbit preserves in Murcia?

Yes, you can find intensive rabbit preserves in Murcia. The species on which intensive hunting can be carried out are those established as hunting objects in the region, and the rabbit is one of them.

Where to look for a country house for sale in Murcia?

Cocampo offers a catalog of cheap country houses in Murcia. To buy a country house in Murcia, you only have to filter by price, and choose the one that best suits your tastes among the cheapest.

Can I build a swimming pool in my country house in Murcia?

Country houses in Murcia with a swimming pool are legal, as long as it has been built with the corresponding permits and the respective fees have been paid.

What characteristics should intensive hunting preserves have in Murcia?

Intensive hunting reserves must meet a series of characteristics: have a minimum area of ​​500 hectares when they are intended mainly for small game and a minimum of 1000 hectares when they are for large game, have a land of 100-300 hectares where to develop intensive hunting and pay a canon for annual registration.

How can I find cheap rustic properties in Murcia?

In Cocampo you have a variety of rustic houses for sale in Murcia. To get the cheapest, sort the results by ascending price. Through our portal you can access all kinds of ads, from rustic properties for sale in Murcia to agricultural properties for sale in Murcia.

Are there hunting grounds in Murcia to claim?

Yes, there are hunting grounds in Murcia to claim. For example, there is the red-legged partridge hunting modality with male claim. The working period of the intensive preserve in Murcia to claim the partridge is from January 17 to March 5, 2023 in the high zone (Moratalla, Caravaca, Jumilla, Yecla, Lorca Norte and Mula Oeste) and from January 7 to 23 February 2023 for the rest of the region. The maximum number of specimens will be 2 per hunter per day, with exceptions in which the hunting of 4 specimens will be possible.


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