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Cantabria has a Useful Agricultural Surface of 228 thousand hectares, 3.4% of its surface is dedicated to arable land, 0.3% to woody crops, and 96.3% is permanent pasture. The crop that stands out the most in the rustic terrain of Cantabria by far is fodder corn, in fact, of the total of 6,218 hectares, 4,530 are dedicated to this, followed by common wheat, potatoes and barley. Regarding livestock, bovine stands out with about 270 thousand heads and about 6,000 farms. The seven species that are hunted the most in the hunting reserves of Cantabria are the deaf, the wood pigeon, the hare, the fox, the wild boar, the choir and the deer.


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Where to buy a country house in Cantabria?

In Cocampo you can buy a country house in Cantabria filtering by the Cantabrian community.

What is the price of rustic land in Cantabria?

The price per hectare of land and rustic land in Cantabria is 13,312 euros/ha according to the 2020 Land Price Survey published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA)

What are the most popular areas for the acquisition of rustic properties in Cantabria?

Buyers are looking for rustic properties in Santander, Ampuero, Comillas, Liébana; cattle farms in Camargo, Laredo, Servillas, Corrales de Buelna and country houses in Torrelavega, Limpias, Valdáliga. On the results page you can filter by keyword to refine your search. Write the location, the type of farm or the specific crop to find what you are looking for.

Is it interesting to buy a rural house in Cantabria?

Yes, without a doubt. Cantabria has great tourist interest, in which rural areas with great landscape value are especially outstanding. In fact, there is a wide range of rental and sale of rural houses in Cantabria for this reason.

How can we search for sale of rustic houses in Cantabria by localities?

Simply to search, for example, rustic houses in Ramales and surroundings, you can use the \"Keyword\" search, or if we want to search for country houses in Santander, it would be done in the same way.

How can I find rustic houses for sale in Cantabria as cheaply as possible?

To find cheap country houses for sale in Cantabria, at Cocampo we have a wide variety of country houses for sale in Cantabria. To get the cheapest, you just have to filter by price. For example, you could search in the keywords tab: rustic house Cantabria, and order the results based on the price from lowest to highest.

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