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Rustic Properties and Game Premises for sale in Extremadura

Extremadura has a Useful Agricultural Surface of more than 2.5 million hectares, the fourth with the most hectares in Spain, of which 28% are dedicated to arable land, 14% to woody crops and 59% to permanent pastures. The predominant crops in this autonomous community are: the oil mill olive, which has a surface area of ​​262,677 hectares; the grape, with 83,763 hectares, the soft wheat, with more than 71,000 hectares; oats, with 48,517; and corn, with 45,729 hectares. In addition, it is the second producer of rice and the third producer of corn in Spain. If there are two outstanding crops in Extremadura's irrigated land, in addition to tomato and stone fruit, these are rice and corn. Regarding Extremaduran livestock, the pasture, the oak and the bull stand out. As far as hunting is concerned, in Extremadura's small game reserves the most frequented animals are rabbits, partridges, thrushes or wood pigeons, and in larger game reserves deer, wild boar and fallow deer.

Spanish autonomous community where there are 1,052,867 hectares that correspond to farmland. As for the total irrigated area, it has 284,715 hectares. It is a region of great natural beauty in the southwest of Spain. The soil is rich and the vegetation is lush and lush. It is a region of rolling hills and small towns, steeped in history and charm. The warm temperatures and the abundance of water make it ideal for growing various products and raising livestock. Its inhabitants enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, thanks to this rich soil and mild climate.


Properties for sale

EUR 2,054,095

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321 ha

Average ha

EUR 20,665/ha

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Is it legal to build a country house with a pool in Extremadura?

Yes, building a pool on rustic properties in Extremadura is legal. It is a great option to spend the summer in a country house in Extremadura.

Are there intensive hunting reserves in Extremadura?

Yes, there are intensive hunting reserves in Extremadura, also for rabbits, quail or pigeon reserves in Extremadura. The range of hunting estates in Extremadura is very large.

What type of properties do they sell in Extremadura?

On the platform you can find rural houses, country houses, intensive hunting reserves, rustic farms, olive farms, cattle farms and agricultural farms in Extremadura.

How many hectares are needed to make a hunting ground in Extremadura?

The minimum area to constitute a private hunting reserve is 400 hectares for small game reserves in Extremadura and 500 hectares for large game reserves in Extremadura.

How to find rustic properties for sale in Extremadura?

You can click on "more properties" and within the search engine for all the properties in Extremadura, filter by areas to find rustic properties in Extremadura. If we want, for example, a country house in Extremadura, we can also filter like this, adding in the "Keyword" option, country house for sale in Extremadura.

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