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Navarra has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of more than 511 thousand hectares, divided into 57% arable land, 37% permanent pasture and 6% woody crops. The contrast of climates, humid in the northern half and more Mediterranean in the southern half, encourages the cultivation of common wheat, barley, corn and vineyards on the Navarran rustic estate. On the other hand, the predominant livestock farms are sheep, with 467 thousand heads, followed by cattle and horses. The hunting activity is carried out over 964 thousand hectares. The hunting grounds in Navarra are inhabited by hunting species such as wild boar, deer, fallow deer and roe deer. Small game reserves, for their part, do so for the fox, partridge, hare, rabbit, woodcock, thrush, quail, turtledove and pigeon.

The Foral Community is located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. From a geographical point of view, it stands out for the mountainous contrast of the Pyrenean mountain range in the northern half with the plains of the Ebro Valley in the southern half. Along its two hydrographic slopes, the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean, flow rivers such as the Bidasoa, the Araxes, the Urumea, the Arga, the Ega or the Aragón.


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Can a house be built on the recreational estates of Navarra?

Yes, it can be built on recreational estates in Navarra provided that the necessary licenses are available.

Where can I buy Navarra rustic property?

On the Cocampo rustic property buying and selling platform you can find recreational properties in Navarra, a Navarra rustic house, rural houses, and in general buy rustic properties.

Are there scholarship reserves in Navarra?

Yes, there are woodcock preserves in Navarra. Among the game species whose hunting is authorized in the 2022/2023 campaign in the hunting reserves of Navarra is the woodcock. Hunting is allowed every day from October 12, 2022 to January 31, 2023, both included. Also, the maximum catch is 3 per day.

How many hunting grounds are there in Navarra?

In Navarra there are 252 hunting reserves, spread over almost 964 thousand hectares.

What documentation must the hunter carry in the Navarre preserves?

The hunter must carry the following documentation in the hunting grounds of Navarra: National Identity Document, valid hunting license, weapons license and membership guide, compulsory hunter insurance and permission to hunt in hunting grounds.

Where can I advertise the sale of a plot of land or rustic property in Navarra?

On the Cocampo website you can advertise the sale of a plot of land or rustic farm in Navarra, adding the characteristics of your farm such as the number of hectares, the type of activity and the price. Cocampo is focused on all types of rural land, from the sale of agricultural land in Navarra to recreational farms.

Where can I find recreational gardens in Navarra to rent and recreational gardens in Pamplona to buy?

In Cocampo, you can filter by province to find farms. Once on the results page, type “orchard” as the keyword and choose land for sale or lease according to what you want. We also have recreational gardens in Noain.

Where can I buy rustic properties in Navarra?

In Cocampo you can find numerous rustic farms in the towns of Labiano, Tajonar, Pamplona, ​​Sangüesa, Tudela, Estella, Mendigorria, Corella, Noain, Barillas, Puente La Reina, Aranguren, Tafalla.

What type of crop is the majority of the rural land?

The main type of crop on rural land in Navarra is common wheat, with 74 thousand hectares, followed closely by barley, with 72 hectares.

Are there private hunting reserves in Navarra?

Yes, there are private hunting reserves in Navarra. In total, there are four types of hunting reserves in Navarra: local reserves, reserves of the Government of Navarra, private reserves and intensive use reserves.

How is the wood from a Navarre forest farm with forest certification sold?

The way of marketing the wood from a Navarran forest estate is in accordance with the provisions of forestry legislation and they are identified in the market as certified products of sustainable origin.

What is the price per m2 of rustic land in 2020 in Navarra?

The price per m2 of rustic land in 2020 in Navarra is 1.27 euros/m2.

What must I do to request the authorization of activities and uses in the rural land of Navarra?

To request authorization for activities and uses on rural land in Navarra, you must go to the navarra.es procedures search engine and filter by "Authorization of activities and uses on non-urbanizable land". There, you will find all the information related to this process.

In which regions can I find properties?

We have and have had advertisements published for country houses in Sangüesa, Barillas and Tudela, recreational estates in Pamplona and Tafalla, and rustic estates near Pamplona and Tajonar. You can confirm availability using our property finder.

What type of properties are available?

On the platform you can find country houses, agricultural farms, recreational farms, rustic farms, rustic houses, recreational orchards and rustic land.

How much has the Navarra rustic land price changed?

The Navarra rustic land price has increased by 2.2% in 2020.

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