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Land for sale in Huesca

The province of Huesca has a total of 686,231 hectares of Useful Agricultural Area (UAA) of which 66.8% is arable land, 6.4% is woody crops and 26.8% is permanent pasture. Its crops are mostly rainfed, the most predominant being barley cereal, wheat, oats and rye, it also has some irrigated crops such as alfalfa, asparagus, tomato, onion, chard or melon among others. Regarding livestock, it is worth mentioning the extensive cattle breeding, such as the Pyrenean breed. Also noteworthy is the Protected Designation of Origin Somontano wine from the town of Barbastro. In addition, the most common animals in hunting are small game partridge and rabbits, and in big game wild boars, roe deer, deer or deer. That is why it has a large number of hunting grounds in Huesca.

Huesca is a Spanish city and province located in the autonomous community of Aragon, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. From the geographical point of view, the Pyrenees and the Ebro Depression stand out, the agricultural sector is important in the city and corresponds to 9.82% of Huesca's GDP. The main economic engine of the city is the countryside, in fact there are 149 companies dedicated to the agri-food sector, which together with the industrial sector is the economic lifeblood of the province. In addition, the province has several social hunting reserves, Isín - Asún, Ainielle, Nueveciercos, Artaso - Sieso, Pardina de Fanlo and La Guarguera... It has a great variety of models of rustic land, the most requested in the search engine are the recreational farms in Huesca, the recreational cottages in Huesca and the country houses in Huesca.


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How can I find cheap rustic properties for sale in Huesca?

To find rustic land for sale in Huesca as cheap as possible you can click on "more properties" and within the search engine of all the properties in Huesca filter by price to find the cheapest.

Is there a preferred area to buy a rustic house in Huesca?

The richness and natural beauty of the province is very extensive, so there is no predominant location to buy a country house in Huesca. For a reason of proximity, the recreational estates in Huesca are very attractive.

What types of farms are for sale in Huesca?

Due to its orography and diversity, the sale of rural properties in Huesca covers all types of categories. At Cocampo you can find everything from recreational farms in Huesca, through agricultural land to recreational farms in Huesca.


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