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Land for sale in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is the province of Aragón with the largest Useful Agricultural Area (UAA), with a total of 902,000 hectares, making it the seventh province in Spain with the largest agricultural surface area. The land dedicated to the cultivation of sunflower stands out, which occupies 26,000 hectares of surface in the province. It is also common the cultivation of vegetables of recognized value such as tomato, onion, cardoon and artichoke, cabbage or endive. The most important livestock farms in the province are sheep, pigs, goats and cattle. The most popular animals for big game hunting are wild boar, mountain goat, roe deer and deer, and for small game hunting are rabbits, hares, foxes, quail and partridges.

Zaragoza, with its capital in the homonymous Zaragoza. It is a vibrant province with many beautiful historical sites to explore. There are many types of soil and climate in this area, ranging from plains to canyons. The climate is warm and humid throughout the year, with warm temperatures in spring and autumn and cool in winter. The province also has many beautiful natural landscapes.


Properties for sale

EUR 1,115,455

Half price

40 ha

Average ha

EUR 33,626/ha

Average price of ha


How can I find cheap rustic land for sale in Zaragoza?

You can click on "more properties" and inside the search engine of all the properties for sale in Zaragoza and filter by price to find the cheapest ones. Here you can also filter by category, and thus find farms for sale in Zaragoza, not only to buy, but also to sell cheap farms for sale in Zaragoza.

What is the average price of a rural property for sale in Zaragoza?

According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, the average price per hectare of country houses in Zaragoza is around 6,190 euros per hectare. A very attractive option to enjoy the rural environment are the rustic lands with house in Zaragoza.

What attractive areas are there to buy rustic houses near Zaragoza?

The natural wealth of the province is very extensive, some properties of interest may be rustic houses with orchard in term of the Almozara, Zaragoza; or rustic farms Zaragoza Gestinfer.

What can be built on rural land in Zaragoza?

The town planning legislation of Aragon limits construction on rural land. At Cocampo you will find a wide variety of rural houses for sale in Zaragoza.

How can I find country properties for sale in Zaragoza city?

To find rustic properties for sale in Zaragoza, you can click on "more properties" and filter by "Keyword". You can also filter in different ways: rustic land with house in Zaragoza, rustic houses Zaragoza, country house in Zaragoza, country house in Zaragoza.

Who can help me in the process of selling a rustic house in Zaragoza?

You can access the Cocampo Agents area and filter by province. Here you can find professionals dedicated to the real estate activity of rustic properties in Zaragoza, so you will be able to find buyers of rustic properties in Zaragoza.

What type of property can be found with the search engine filters?

Depending on how you use the filters you can find agricultural estates, country houses, hunting estates, rustic land or agricultural estates in Zaragoza, among many more properties.


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