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Rustic Properties for sale in Álava

Álava has 106 thousand hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (SAU). Of the total UAA, 57% is arable land, 30% permanent pasture and 13% woody crops. The main crops of Alava agriculture are cereals (wheat, barley and oats) and vineyards, with a decrease in potatoes and beets in recent years. In relation to livestock, about two thirds of the total farms are cattle, followed by pigs and sheep. The hunting territories of Álava have huntable species such as the rabbit, the hare, the fox, the pigeon, the partridge, the magpie, the pheasant, the thrush, the quail, the woodcock, the wild boar, the deer or the roe deer.

Álava is one of the three provinces that make up the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Its main rivers are the Ebro, the Ega, the Nervión, the Zadorra, the Omecillo, the Bayas, the Inglares and the Ayuda.


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Where to find a vineyard in Álava?

If you are looking for a vineyard in Álava, filter by province and then type vineyard in the keyword filter.

Who regulates the water irrigation rights in Alava?

The point of reference for all of this, apart from the pertinent hydrographic confederations, is the Álava Provincial Council.

What are the prohibited materials in the constructions in the rustic terrain of Álava?

The materials prohibited in constructions in the rustic terrain of Álava are bright finishes, anodized aluminum, roller shutters in renovations of existing buildings and any coating that is not the traditional ceramic tile.

How to publish a country estate in Álava in Cocampo?

To publish a country estate in Álava in Cocampo, we recommend mentioning in the ad characteristics such as the distance to nearby towns and train stations and airports or if supplies are available (water, electricity, gas).

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