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The Useable Agricultural Surface (UAA) of the province of Gipuzkoa is 37,000 hectares, divided into 88% permanent pasture, 8% woody crops and 4% arable land. Its agriculture stands out for the cultivation of the cider apple tree, for the production of sweet and apple juice, as well as the vineyard and fruit and vegetable products. The rural farm in Gipuzkoa focuses, for the most part (89%), on cattle and sheep farms. The hunting activity takes place in its hunting grounds, with large game species such as wild boar, deer and roe deer, and small game species such as foxes, hares, rabbits, starlings, crows, magpies, pigeons, woodcocks and turtle doves.

Gipuzkoa is a province of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Its geography is mountainous, being located at the junction of the Cantabrian Mountains to the west and the Pyrenees to the east. Among its rivers are the Bidasoa, the Oyarzun, the Urumea, the Oria, the Urola and the Deva. Gipuzkoa has three Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P) products that guarantee its quality: natural cider from the Basque Country, Txakoli from Getaria and Idiazabal cheese.

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What is prohibited in the country estates of Guipúzcoa?

According to Law 2/2006, of June 30, on Land and Urbanism, urban parcelling and acts that involve their incorporation into urban transformation are prohibited in rural properties in Guipúzcoa.

Where can I advertise the sale of rustic land in Guipuzcoa?

You can advertise the sale of rustic land in Guipúzcoa through Cocampo. Once you are registered, fill in the ad with the images and pertinent data to facilitate the sale of the rustic properties in Guipúzcoa that you want.

Can farmhouses be rebuilt on the rustic terrain of Gipuzkoa?

Yes, farmhouses can be rebuilt on the rural land of Gipuzkoa, as long as they maintain a built structure that allows them to be identified as such. As an exception, the restoration of unusable residential farmhouses due to force majeure will be allowed, provided that it is duly justified. In addition, rehabilitation for residential use will not be allowed if they have not been legally residential before.

How many hunting licenses are there in Gipuzkoa?

In Gipuzkoa there are 14,946 hunting licenses (2019 data).

Where can I post an ad for the sale of rural houses in Guipuzcoa?

You can publish an advertisement for the sale of rural houses in Guipúzcoa on the Cocampo buying and selling platform. The rustic house in Gipuzkoa that you want to sell must be accompanied by the necessary characteristics (price, hectares, facilities, etc.) for those interested.

In the search engine, do I use rustic houses in Guipuzcoa or rustic houses in Guipuzkoa?

Both terms are accepted, so even if you search in Spanish or Basque you will be able to find the rustic houses and rural houses you want.

How many hectares of rural land in Guipúzcoa are dedicated to agriculture?

2,000 hectares of rural land in Guipúzcoa are dedicated to agriculture.

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