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León has almost 587 thousand hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA), of which 55% is arable land, 44% permanent pasture and 1% woody crops. In Leonese agriculture, the crops of soft wheat, barley, corn, beans, industrial crops such as sunflowers and vineyards stand out. Regarding livestock, cattle stand out, with 165 thousand heads, together with sheep and pigs. Likewise, it has nearly 1,369,000 hectares spread over 962 lands of León hunting reserves. The Leonese mount is populated by species such as the mountain goat, deer, wolf, chamois, wild boar, fox and roe deer as well as small game species such as partridge, rabbit or hare.

The province of León is located in the northwest of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León. Among the protected natural spaces in the region are the Picos de Europa National Park, the Montaña de Riaño Regional Park, the Babia y Luna Natural Park and natural monuments such as the Baña lake and Las Médulas. In addition, the mountainous structure of León results in three hydrographic basins: the Duero, the Miño-Sil and the Cantabrian. Among its more than 30 rivers, names such as the Esla, the Bernesga, the Sella or the Sil stand out.


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Where can I find a hunting ground in León?

On the Cocampo website you can filter by the province of León and select the category "Hunting" so that the hunting results appear, whether they are to buy or to rent.

What is the most important type of livestock in León?

The most important livestock in León is cattle with about 165,000 heads followed by sheep and pigs.

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