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Farm and Hunting Premises for sale in Palencia

The province of Palencia has a Useful Agricultural Area of ​​547,000 hectares, of which 88% is arable land, 0.1% are woody crops, which is why they are practically non-existent, 12% are permanent pastures, 9% are orchards for own consumption and 6% are greenhouses. 66% of the provincial surface of Palencia is dedicated to cultivation, in fact, Palencia occupies the first place in the country in the production of fodder, such as corn, vetch and alfalfa, however, it is the second province in Spain with less territory dedicated to horticultural crops. As far as livestock is concerned, the species with the most farms are bovine, ovine, beehive and equine. There are a total of 589 hunting reserves in Palencia, 118 registered as private and 31 as federal, the most common game species in the province are, in the small game reserves, woodcock, quail, wood pigeon, rabbit, the hare and the common turtledove, and in big game, the wild boar, the red deer, the roe deer and the fallow deer.


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How to find sale of rustic properties in Palencia?

In Cocampo you can find rustic properties for sale in Palencia, you can search by province and complement them with "Keywords" or other filters.

Do only farmers and ranchers want to buy rustic farms?

The sale of rustic farms for agriculture and livestock is usually aimed at professionals in the sector, but there are other types of buyers such as families or individuals who want a change of lifestyle and who are looking for country houses in Palencia, or also, rustic houses in Palencia.

Are there intensive hunting reserves in Palencia?

It is a frequent consultation that they make us. Yes, there are, and the quail preserves in Palencia are highly recommended.

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