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This province has 554 thousand hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (SAU), of which 74% is arable land, 24% permanent pasture and 2% woody crops. Most of Zamora`s agricultural area is dedicated to irrigated crops (94%) over rainfed crops. The cultivation of cereals stands out, with wheat and barley as the star protagonists, although there are also others such as oats and corn. With about 138,000 livestock farms, pig farms predominate in this province, followed by cattle and sheep. The activity of hunting reserves in Zamora is carried out in places as unique as the Regional Hunting Reserve `Sierra de la Culebra`. The mountainous complex is one of the best open hunting grounds in the country to hunt deer. However, there are also other hunting reserves in Zamora, with species such as roe deer and wild boar. And small game reserves, with rabbits, hares, partridges and foxes.

The province of Zamora, located to the northwest of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, has a great territorial wealth. From the Sierra de la Culebra, passing through the mountains of León and the Arribes del Duero gorge, to the Meseteña plain. The province has natural parks such as the Lago de Sanabria and the aforementioned Arribes del Duero, as well as the Lagunas de Villafáfila nature reserve and the Meseta Ibérica reserve.


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Where can I find the sale of a rustic property in Zamora?

You can find the sale of a rustic property in Zamora through the Cocampo search engine. You just have to filter by province and choose from any country estate in Zamora. Filtering by province allows you to search in three provinces at the same time, for example you can search for hunting grounds in Zamora and Salamanca.

How to get a recreational property in Zamora?

To get a recreational property in Zamora, search for the province of Zamora and filter by the “Recreation” category.

Where to buy a country house in Zamora?

In Cocampo you can buy a country house in Zamora filtering by the Zamora province.

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