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Rustic Properties and Hunting Premises for sale in Albacete

The Useful Agricultural Area of ​​Albacete is more than 819 thousand hectares, of which 63% is arable land, 26% woody crops and 11% permanent pasture. The agriculture of the rural land of Albacete is based on barley, wheat and corn crops, which are the most important among the herbaceous crops in the province. Regarding livestock, the species with the most farms are pigs, sheep, cattle and goats. In the hunting reserves in Albacete, the most abundant large-game target species is the wild boar. In the small game reserves in Albacete, they are the partridge, the hare, the pigeon, the turtledove and the pheasant.

The province of Albacete is located in the center-south of Spain. It limits with the provinces of Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Granada, Ciudad Real, Jaén and Cuenca. It has an area of ​​14,925 square kilometers, which makes it the ninth largest province in the country. Regarding its climate, Albacete has a slightly continental climate. It has a lot of sun throughout the year, and its mountains have an extreme climate, very cold in winter and very hot in summer. The topography of the province is mostly flat, but there are some mountainous areas in the province. Albacete's soil is mostly plain vegetation, but it also has some peat bogs. Precipitation amounts to 350 mm per year, the rains are generally scarce, but they are a little more frequent in spring and autumn.


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How to find country houses in Albacete as cheap as possible?

To find rustic properties in Albacete as cheap as possible, you can click on "more properties" and, within the search engine for all the properties in Albacete, filter by price to find the cheapest ones.

What types of hunting estates are there in Albacete?

Most of them are small game reserves, which is the type of game that is most popular in the province, such as the hunting reserves in Albacete for rabbits, or the hunting reserves for claiming partridge in Albacete.

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