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Rustic Properties for sale in Guadalajara

Guadalajara has 451 thousand hectares of Useful Agricultural Area (SAU), of which 71% is arable land, 26% permanent pasture and 3% woody crops. Agriculture is based on the cultivation of cereals (barley, oats, wheat, corn and rye) and legumes. Its lavender fields, especially those of Brihuega, have become an attractive attraction in recent years. A large part of the farms of the rustic farm of Guadalajara (65%) are poultry. The Guadalajara hunting ground has large game species: mountain goat, deer, mouflon, wild boar, roe deer and fallow deer; as well as small game species: fox, hare, rabbit, magpie, lapwing, crow, thrush, pigeon, partridge and woodcock.

Guadalajara is a northwestern province of Castilla La Mancha. Its geography is divided into the Central System, the Iberian System, the Alcarreños Páramos and the fields of the Henares, Sorbe and Jarama rivers. A large part of its territory belongs to the Tajo hydrographic basin, with the Jarama, Tajuña and Gallo rivers. In the northwest is also the hydrographic basin of the Ebro, with the Jalón, the Piedra and the Mesa, among others.


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How do I filter the list by property type?

By clicking on “see more properties” you will be able to type different keywords in the filter to refine the search. You can search for rustic houses for sale in Guadalajara, rustic land for sale, country house, rustic plots or farmland for sale in Guadalajara.

What advertisements for the sale of rustic properties in Guadalajara are there in Cocampo?

In Cocampo there are various advertisements for the sale of rustic properties in Guadalajara. You can access them by searching for the province of Guadalajara, marking the purchase category.

What website has the sale of rustic properties in Guadalajara (Spain)?

Cocampo, the recent real estate portal of the rural world, offers the sale of rustic properties in Guadalajara (Spain), with advertisements of all types of land. You can acquire from a country house in Guadalajara to rustic plots in Guadalajara.

What can I find in the Guadalajara rustic land published in Cocampo?

In the Guadalajara rustic land published in Cocampo you can find buildings such as a 30-hectare castle in Guijosa or another 50-hectare castle in Establés.

Can I buy rustic properties in Guadalajara without intermediaries?

Of course! Many of the advertisers in Cocampo are direct owners. You will be able to contact the seller and we will not charge you a commission or price for doing so. The operation will be direct with who sells the property.


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