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Rustic Properties for sale in Gerona

The Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of Girona is 166 thousand hectares, with 55% of arable land, 39% of permanent pastures and 6% of woody crops. Its proximity to the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, give Girona's rustic land the ideal properties for the traditional cultivation of apples, characterized by their perfect colour. After these, the cultivation of other vegetables stands out, such as onions and tomatoes, as well as corn, potatoes or vineyards. In relation to livestock, with more than one million heads, are pig farms, followed by cattle and poultry. The abundance of oaks makes Girona one of the provinces with the largest population of wild boar. In fact, big game hunting is predominant in this area, with mouflon, deer, mountain goat, roe deer, fallow deer and chamois. Small game species include woodcock, pigeon, pheasant, magpie, partridge, thrush, turtledove, rabbit, fox and hare.

The province of Girona is located in the northeast of Catalonia, on its international border with France, as well as with the Mediterranean. Some of its main rivers are the Ter, the Oñar, the Segre, the Tordera, the Fluviá and the Muga.


Properties for sale

EUR 1,485,205

Half price

92 ha

Average ha

EUR 86,562/ha

Average price of ha


Where can I buy a rustic property in Girona?

You can buy a rustic property in Girona through the Cocampo portal, for the sale and lease of rustic properties. To do this, filter by the province of "Gerona" and contact the advertiser of the rustic property in Girona in which you are interested.

Where to get a house or rustic property for sale in Girona?

You can get a house or rustic property for sale in Girona through Cocampo. To buy a rustic house in Girona, mark "Buy" when searching for the province of "Gerona", and choose from the available ads. You can follow the same steps for the Girona country estate for sale.

How many hectares are there of hunting ground in Girona?

There are 531,543 hectares of hunting ground in Girona, according to data from 2021.

How much can rustic land cost for sale in Girona?

11,780 euros per hectare can cost a rustic land for sale in Girona, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 2020.

Where to look for a rustic house for sale in Girona?

Cocampo allows you to buy a rustic house for sale in Girona. Select the province of “Gerona” and the category “Buy”. Right now, you can find a rustic house in Girona for 1,175,000 euros.

I want to live quietly in a country setting. Do you have properties of that style?

What you are looking for is a country house in Girona. You must use the filter country house in the search engine and you can find all the available ones.

What use can be given to a rustic property in Girona?

The use that can be given to a rustic property in Girona is agricultural, livestock, hunting and forestry. Therefore, buildings for agricultural exploitation are allowed (with the authorization for the construction of new houses with agricultural, forestry or rustic exploitation as an object), the extraction of mineral resources, fuel supply stations or other services of road, campsites and caravan parks and the rehabilitation of farmhouses and rural houses.


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