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The province of Lérida has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of almost 536 thousand hectares, of which 49% is arable land, 19% woody crops and 32% permanent pasture. The cultivation of sweet fruit is one of the pillars of the economy of Lleida. Peach, apple and pear make up 96% of the total spreads of sweet fruit. Other relevant crops are corn and barley. Regarding livestock, pig farms stand out, with 4.6 million head, followed by bovines. The small game reserves in Lérida have species such as the woodcock, the pigeon, the pheasant, the thrush, the quail or the partridge; while the big game roe deer, deer, wild boar, mouflon and chamois or isard.

Lleida is a province belonging to the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. Its diversity of landscapes is personified in its natural spaces, among which the Aigüestortes and Lake San Mauricio National Park, the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park or the Boumort Hunting Nature Reserve stand out.


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How many hectares are there of hunting ground in Lleida?

There are just over 1,080,000 hectares of hunting ground in Lérida.

What are the requirements for intensive preserves in Lleida?

The requirements of the intensive preserves in Lérida are the following: they must be located in natural spaces that are not specially protected, they must have a fauna refuge strip of 30% of the total area in which hunting is prohibited during all the year and the area destined for hunting activity must have a minimum surface of 175 ha. and a maximum area of ​​300 ha.

What are the main hunting grounds in Lleida?

Some of the main hunting reserves in Lérida are the El Cogul reserve, the Granyena reserve and the Les Garrigues reserve.

What is the working period of the thrush hunting preserves in Lérida?

The working period of the thrush hunting preserves in Lleida for the 2022-2023 season is from October 9 to February 12 for song thrush and red-winged thrush, and from October 9 to January 31 for charlo thrush.

What characteristics does the ideal rustic house in Lleida have?

The ideal rustic house in Lleida has to meet general characteristics such as being close to the place of residence, having a property or, failing that, can be built, having land that suits the owner`s hobbies and being exempt of neighborhood roads. In Cocampo we have many advertisements for country houses in Lleida.

What species can be found in the El Cogul de Lleida hunting reserve?

Partridges, rabbits, thrushes, hares and pigeons can be found in the El Cogul de Lleida hunting ground.

Where to publish an ad for the sale of rustic land in Lleida?

You can publish an advertisement for the sale of rustic land in Lérida through Cocampo. To do this, you must provide a series of characteristics, such as the number of hectares, the distribution of the land and the type of crops. A quality advertisement will help the sale of rustic properties in Lleida.

What are the types of preserves in Lleida?

The types of preserves in Lleida are: Private Hunting Areas, Local Hunting Areas, Controlled Hunting Areas, National Hunting Reserves and Hunting Reserves.

What is the total number of hectares of agricultural land in Lleida?

The total number of hectares of farms in Lleida is 371 thousand (Statistical Yearbook 2021).

What is the characteristic hunting species in the Maldà hunting ground in Lérida?

The characteristic hunting species in the Maldà hunting ground in Lleida is the thrush.

What is the price per hectare of irrigated land in Lleida?

The price of an irrigated hectare in Lérida is 26,504 euros, according to 2020 data.

How many hectares are there of rainfed farms in Lleida?

There are about 210,000 hectares of rainfed farms in Lleida, according to data from the 2021 Statistics Yearbook of the Ministry of Agriculture. These are distributed in: 148 thousand ha. of arable crops, 18 thousand ha. fallow and other unoccupied land and 44 thousand ha. of woody crops.

Where can I find a rustic property for sale in Lleida?

In Cocampo, filtering by province you will be able to find all the results of rustic properties in Lleida. If what you are looking for is a farmhouse for sale in Lleida, write “farmhouse” as a keyword on the results page and click on “Apply filters”.

Are there free hunting reserves in Lérida?

Yes, there are free hunting reserves in Lleida. They are known as controlled hunting areas, and there are three in total: Camporan Controlled Hunting Area, Pont de Suert Controlled Hunting Area and Sort, Soriguera, Rialp and Tornafort Controlled Hunting Area.


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