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The rustic terrain of Tarragona has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of 202 thousand hectares. These are divided into 66% woody crops, 29% arable land and 5% permanent pasture. In the rustic farm of Tarragona, hazelnut crops, citrus fruits, vineyards and olive trees predominate. In relation to livestock, more than half (51%) of farms are pigs and 44% poultry. Those who want to carry out hunting activities will be able to enjoy in its 161 preserves both small game species (partridge, pigeon, magpie, quail, pheasant, woodcock) and large game (wild boar, chamois, mountain goat, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer, deer).

Tarragona is located in the south of Catalonia. Six rivers form the backbone of the province: the Gaià, the Francolí, the Siurana, the Algares, the Fojo and the Ebro.


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How many hectares are there of Tarragona hunting ground?

There are 268 thousand hectares of Tarragona hunting ground.

How to find cheap rustic land in Tarragona?

One way to find cheap rustic land in Tarragona is through Cocampo. The cheapest rustic property for sale in Tarragona published on the web at the moment has a price of 280,000 euros.

What is the price of country houses and country houses for sale in Tarragona?

The price of country houses and farmhouses for sale in Tarragona is between 6,600,000 and 1,100,000 euros.

How many rustic properties were sold in Tarragona in 2021?

In 2021, 2,936 purchase and sale operations of rustic properties were carried out in Tarragona.

In which regions can I find properties?

We have had advertisements published for rustic properties in El Vendrell, Bajo Campo, Bajo Ebro, Bajo Panadés, Montsiá, among others.

What kind of properties do they sell in Tarragona?

On the platform you can find rustic farms, country houses, rustic houses, rustic land with and without a shed, farms and agricultural land and rustic plots.

Can I buy rustic properties in Tarragona without intermediaries?

Yes! Many of the advertisers in Cocampo are direct owners. You will be able to contact the seller and we will not charge you a commission or price for doing so. The operation will be direct with who sells the property. In this way we facilitate that you can access the sale of rustic in Tarragona. There are also ads that are from banks so you can get rustic bank properties without intermediaries.

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