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Rustic Properties and Hunting Premises for sale in Badajoz

Badajoz is the province with the largest Useful Agricultural Area (UAA) in Spain with 1.6 million hectares, of which 44% are permanent pastures, 38% arable land and 18% woody crops. Therefore, it is also the second province with the largest area of ​​permanent pastures, after Cáceres. Regarding agriculture, the irrigated farms of Badajoz focus on the production of cereal, vegetables and fruit, as well as almond trees, olive trees and vines. The Badajoz cattle farm, for its part, stands out for its pig farms, with nearly 1.5 million head, followed by sheep and cattle, respectively. The hunting activity is carried out in a total of 1.8 million hectares. Hunters can find species such as deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, mountain goat, roe deer and sheep in Badajoz's big game reserves. Also, partridges, rabbits, hares, quail, pigeons, foxes, thrushes and turtledoves in the small game reserves.

Badajoz is a province of Extremadura. Located in the southwest of the country, it is part of the southern sub-plateau, while bordering Portugal. One of the most important rivers of the Peninsula flows through the lands of Badajoz: the Guadiana. As well as two of its tributaries, the Zapatón and the Olivenza. It is a beautiful province with many natural wonders. One of the main attractions is its rich history. There are many ancient castles and fortifications throughout the province that tell the story of arrivals and conquests throughout history. In addition, its gastronomy is rich and very varied.


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How to acquire irrigated farms in Badajoz?

To acquire irrigated farms in Badajoz from Cocampo, search for the province of Badajoz and filter for "Agricola".

What is the area of intensive preserves in Badajoz?

The total area of intensive preserves in Badajoz is 66 thousand hectares.

Where to look for rustic properties for sale in the Comarca de la Serena in Badajoz?

On the Cocampo website you have published rustic properties for sale in the Comarca de la Serena in Badajoz.

What is the number of hunting reserves in Badajoz?

There are 1,771 hunting reserves in Badajoz.

Where is the sale of cheap country houses published in Badajoz?

Cocampo publishes ads for the sale of cheap country houses in Badajoz. After searching by province, enter a price range to see the cheapest ones and, thus, buy a country house in Badajoz. You can also find the sale of rustic property in Badajoz.

How many captures are made in the thrush hunting reserves in Badajoz?

In the thrush hunting reserves in Badajoz, 237 thousand captures were made in the 2018/2019 season.

Is the greyhound preserve allowed in Badajoz?

Yes, the greyhound preserve is allowed in Badajoz. The General Order of Hunting Bans for the 2022-2023 season allows hare hunting in the greyhound and falconry modalities from October 12, 2022 to January 15, 2023. In addition, it includes a demand from the hunting sector , the possibility of training with greyhounds.

Where to find hunting lodge rentals in Badajoz?

In Cocampo you can find hunting lodge rentals in Badajoz filtering by “Cinegetico”. The largest hunting ground in Badajoz, present in Cocampo, has an area of 2,500 hectares.

What is the hunting season in the zorzales preserve in Badajoz?

The hunting period in the thrush reserve in Badajoz is from October 1, 2022 to February 12, 2023 for the thrush (redwing, royal and charlo) and from October 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 for the song thrush

In which municipalities are rustic land or country houses published to buy in the Province of Badajoz?

We have advertisements for country houses in Zafra, Calamonte, Mérida and many other municipalities of Badajoz; including Badajoz Capital. And we hope to continue increasing the properties advertised.

How can I locate a country house for sale in Badajoz?

Using the Cocampo search engine, you can locate country houses for sale in Badajoz. If you are interested, you can also rent a country house in Badajoz.

What are some partridge preserves with a claim in Badajoz?

Some partridge preserves with claims in Badajoz are La Serena (Quintana de la Serena) or La Jara (Alcaudete de la Jara).

Where can I buy seized rustic properties in Badajoz?

In Cocampo you will find ads for country houses and rustic properties for sale in Badajoz published by banks and savings banks, which come from seizures or adjudications by dation in payment.


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