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Rustic Properties for sale in Cáceres

It is the second province in Spain with the largest Useful Agricultural Surface (SAU), with almost 1.2 million hectares. Of these, 79% are permanent pastures, 14% arable land and 7% woody crops. Thus, it is constituted as the province with the largest area of ​​permanent pastures. Rice is one of its predominant crops, especially in the municipality of Miajadas. Also, there are others such as cherry, olive or pepper. The cattle farm of Cáceres is dedicated, in particular, to cattle farms with more than 564 thousand heads, followed by sheep and pig farms. The activity of the hunting reserves in Cáceres represents an important asset in the economy of the province. Thus, you can find hunting grounds, with species such as roe deer, wild boar, deer, fallow deer, mouflon, mountain goat and sheep. In addition, small game reserves with the rabbit as the star protagonist, as well as quail, turtledoves, pigeons, thrushes, partridges, hares and foxes.

This province is located in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. Most of its rivers (the Almonte, the Tamuja, the Guadiloba, the Salor and the Casillas) are tributaries of the Tagus and the Guadiana. Its large meadows populated with oaks loaded with acorns support the Iberian pig farms during what is known as the montanera, to motivate the highest quality Extrem Pure Extremadura ham. The soil of this province is often described as Mediterranean in nature. This is because it has many similarities with the soil of southern Spain and southern Italy, which is known as a Mediterranean climate. The climate is also typically Mediterranean, so the soil is usually well adapted to the cultivation of Mediterranean plants. In addition, the high altitude of the province means that it is rarely affected by inclement weather, so the soil remains stable and fertile even in the face of heavy rainfall. As a result, the province is an ideal place to farm.


Properties for sale

EUR 1,924,738

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277 ha

Average ha

EUR 20,318/ha

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Where can I find the sale of recreational properties in Cáceres?

You can find recreational farms for sale in Cáceres by searching by province and filtering by the “Recreation” category.

Where can I buy a country house in Cáceres?

On the Cocampo website you can buy country houses in Cáceres. Using the province search engine, you can purchase a country house in Sierra de Gata, among other places in Cáceres.

What are the intensive hunting reserves in Cáceres?

Intensive hunting reserves in Cáceres are divided into two types: private open and intensive small game reserves (almost 15,000 hectares) and private closed and intensive small game reserves (more than 3,000 hectares). ).

How many small game preserves are there in Cáceres?

There are a total of 687 small game reserves in Cáceres.

Where can I find the sale of farms and rustic houses in Cáceres?

You can find rustic farms in Cáceres and rustic houses in Cáceres in Cocampo. To buy a rustic property in Cáceres, you only have to filter by the province of Cáceres and choose between the options.

How many hectares are there of irrigated farms in Cáceres?

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, there are about 81 thousand hectares of irrigated farms in Cáceres.


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