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Pazos and Rustic Properties for sale in La Coruña

The Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of the province of La Coruña is almost 170 thousand hectares, of which half (50%) are permanent pastures, 49% arable land and 1% woody crops. In terms of agriculture, the cultivation of corn stands out. A large part of the surface is made up of polyphyte grasslands in order to feed cattle (346 thousand heads). This is followed by pig and poultry farming, respectively. The hunting reserves of A Coruña have hunting species of small game (quail, thrushes, hares, foxes, woodcocks, rabbits, snipe) and hunting species of large game (wolves, deer, mountain goats, chamois, wild boar, roe deer).

La Coruña is a province of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. Located in the northwest corner of the territory, it borders the Cantabrian Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Rivers such as the Ulla, the Tambre, the Eume or the Xallas circulate through this province.


Properties for sale

EUR 373,000

Half price

23 ha

Average ha

EUR 8,573,493/ha

Average price of ha


How many hunting-free zones are there in A Coruña?

There are 28 hunting-free zones in A Coruña. In municipalities such as Mañón, Betanzos, Montero or Miño.

Where to advertise the sale of rural houses in Coruña?

In Cocampo you can advertise the sale of rural houses in Coruña. You must provide information about the rustic house in Coruña that you want to sell, such as the size, the use of the land and the characteristics of the house or if it has other buildings.

Where can I buy a rural house in A Coruña?

You can buy a rural house in A Coruña through the Cocampo website. To do this, use the province search engine and select the “buy” option.

What are the most popular areas for the acquisition of rustic properties in Coruña?

Buyers look for rustic houses in Melide and Bergondo and rural country houses in Vimianzo and rustic houses in Miño. On the results page you can filter by keyword to refine your search. Write the location, the type of farm or the specific crop to find what you are looking for.

How can I advertise the sale of farms and rustic houses in Coruña?

You can advertise the sale of rustic properties in Coruña through the Cocampo sales portal. You will have to provide information regarding the characteristics of the rustic property in Coruña that you want to advertise, such as the price or the number of hectares and buildings, if any.

What type of property is a pazo in La Coruña?

Pazos in Coruña and surroundings is another way of referring to rustic farms. They are usually characterized by being old and stately houses located within the field.

Where to go for rustic constructions in Bergondo?

You can go to the company Construcciones Rústicas Gallegas S.L. for rustic constructions in Bergondo.

On what land is hunting prohibited in A Coruña?

The lands in which hunting is prohibited in A Coruña are: The Sálvora Archipelago, the Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park and the Carregal and Vixán lagoons, the Louro lagoon, the Sisargas islands, the Xuño lagoons, Pedro de Muro and the entire western Atlantic coastal area of ​​Puerto del Son, the Doniños lagoon, the Frouxeira lagoon, Mount San Xurxo, the Abegondo-Cecebre reservoir, the Sabón reservoir, the Sada brañas, the Ortigueira estuary and Ladrido, the Ribeira reservoir, the Ferrol estuary (from the As Pías bridge to the mouth of the Xubia river), the Baldaio marshes, the Ínsua cove, the Traba lagoon, the Betanzos marshes, the hunting station of Cerqueiros, the Carnota marsh, the Vilagudín reservoir, the Vilasenín reservoir, the Sobrado dos Monxes Monastery, the Barbanza area (according to the limits of the order and land limitation), the Sobrado land (according to the limits of the order and limitation of land) and the Dodro marshes.

Where is it more frequent to find pazos?

It depends on the characteristics of the property that can be identified as a pazo. Pazos Carballo and Bergondo, two municipalities in this region, are normally found.

Where can I find advertisements for the sale of rustic properties repossessed by banks in Coruña?

In Cocampo you will find advertisements of rustic houses for sale in Coruña published by banks and savings banks, which come from seizures or adjudications by dation in payment.


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