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Pazos and Rustic Properties for sale in Lugo

The province has about 283,000 hectares of Useful Agricultural Surface (SAU), distributed in 78% of permanent pastures, 21% of arable land and 1% of woody crops. The rustic farm of Lugo is characterized by forage crops, cereals and vineyards. With more than 477 thousand heads, the predominant livestock is cattle, followed by poultry and pigs. In this province there are large and small game reserves, among which the Fonsagrada hunting reserve stands out with roe deer, wild boar, partridge, quail, fox and woodcock as the main hunted species.

Lugo is a province located northeast of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. The entire coast of Lugo is covered by the Rías Altas: Ría del Barquero, Ría de Vivero, Ría de Foz and Ría de Ribadeo. In addition, rivers such as the Eume, the Eo, the Landro or the Neira, among others, flow through the province. The soil of the province is mainly made up of rich and fertile soils, which are characterized by their high levels of organic matter. In addition to the richness in organic matter, the soil usually also has a high content of mineral nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. As a result, the province's soil is well suited to growing a wide variety of crops, including cereals, vegetables, and fruits. In general, the climate of the province is temperate and very suitable for the cultivation of many different products.


Properties for sale

EUR 267,596

Half price

3 ha

Average ha

EUR 418,802/ha

Average price of ha


Where to find an ad for the sale of country houses and farms in Lugo?

In Cocampo you can find the announcement of the sale of farms and rustic houses in Lugo. For example, publications of rustic properties in Lugo dedicated to livestock or recreation, such as rustic houses for sale in Ribadeo and Foz and surroundings.

What are the areas in which hunting is prohibited in Lugo?

The areas in which hunting is prohibited in Lugo are: Xunqueiras and Ría del Eo, Monte Fraga Vella, Lagunas de Cospeito and Espiñeira, Monte de Veral, Monte Paramedela, Monte Bibei, Devesa de Rogueira, Ría de Foz, Veiga de Pumar and Lagunas de Pedroso.

Where to publish an advertisement for the sale of a rural house in Lugo?

You can publish an advertisement for the sale of a rural house in Lugo on the Cocampo website. In addition, if you wish, you can include the sale of rural houses in Lugo and surroundings.

Where can I find the sale of rustic properties and rural houses in Lugo?

On the Cocampo website, filtering by province, you can find rustic land and rural houses for sale in Lugo, of different prices and sizes.

What type of property is a pazo in Lugo?

The country houses of Lugo are another way of referring to rustic farms. They are usually characterized by being old and stately houses.

What are the ideal municipalities to disconnect in a rustic house in Lugo?

Some of the ideal municipalities to disconnect in a rustic house in Lugo are Samos, Folgoso do Courel or Antas de Ulla.

What aspects should I consider when buying a rural house in Lugo?

When buying a rural house in Lugo, you should consider several aspects, such as the price, easy access, the facilities available (water, electricity, heating, etc.), if its rehabilitation is possible, for example. In this sense, Cocampo allows you to have access to a variety of rural houses for sale in Lugo with all the information that makes it easier for you to make a decision.


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