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Rustic Properties for sale in Pontevedra

Pontevedra has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of 63 thousand hectares, of which 64% are permanent pastures, 26% arable land and 10% woody crops. Within its agriculture, horticultural crops stand out (cabbage, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.). In addition, it holds the title of the province of Galicia with the largest number of hectares devoted to vineyards. With 403,000 heads, pig farms are predominant, ahead of cattle and poultry farms. The Pontevedra preserves have small game species such as rabbit, partridge and woodcock, and large game species such as wild boar and roe deer.

This province is located in the southwest of Galicia. It has areas far from the hustle and bustle of industries, where there are rivers such as the Verdugo. Other Pontevedra rivers are the Lérez or the Umia.


Properties for sale

EUR 644,012

Half price

6 ha

Average ha

EUR 503,289/ha

Average price of ha


Where are cheap rural houses for sale advertised in Pontevedra?

In Cocampo there are advertised rural houses for sale. For your search, use the home page and add "Pontevedra" as a location. You can adjust the price range to obtain the cheapest rustic house in Pontevedra.

What do I have to do to buy a rural house in Pontevedra?

To buy a rural house in Pontevedra through Cocampo you have to select the "Buy" operation and search for the province of Pontevedra. Once on the results page in Pontevedra, you have to contact the advertiser.

Can a pool be built on rustic land in Pontevedra?

Yes, a swimming pool can be built on rustic land in Pontevedra with the necessary permits and having previously submitted the approved technical project to the town hall. This allows you to buy a country house in Pontevedra and build the pool you want.

Where do I publish the sale of farms and rustic houses in Pontevedra?

You can publish the sale of a rustic property in Pontevedra on our website, providing the necessary information to answer the maximum doubts of people interested in buying.

Can a prefabricated house be built on the rustic land of Pontevedra?

Mobile homes are not usually regulated, that is, they do not appear in the regulations. Therefore, it would be up to the municipal technician whether it is viable or not.

Are there areas where hunting is prohibited in Pontevedra?

Yes, there are areas where hunting is prohibited. These are: Natural Park of the Cíes Islands and the island of Ons, marine waters, islets and coastal area of public domain of the Ensenada de San Simón, marine waters, islets and coastal area of public domain, and maritime-terrestrial area of the Umia or Grove Intertidal Complex, Gándaras de Budiño, Pontillón de Castro Reservoir, Punta Carreirón, Bajo Miño and Isla Canosa, Isla Canosa and Morraceira de Grilo, Monte Aloia Natural Park, Valle Miñor and Xunqueira de Alba area.

Has the price of rustic land in Pontevedra decreased?

Yes, in 2020 the price per hectare of rural land in Pontevedra decreased by 0.3% compared to the previous year.


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