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Rustic Properties and Country Houses for sale in Alicante

Alicante has a Useful Agricultural Surface (UAA) of 131 thousand hectares, of which 73% are woody crops, 24% arable land and 3% permanent pasture. Alicante agriculture is dedicated in the same proportion to the cultivation of irrigated land and the cultivation of dry land. Its fertile plains of Campo de Alicante, Bajo Vinalopó and the Vega Baja of the Segura River concentrate a large part of the country's agricultural activity. It is not surprising that, in addition to the cultivation of cereals (barley, oats and wheat), the cultivation of artichokes, lettuce and tomatoes prevails, as well as vineyards. Regarding livestock, pig farms stand out with 58 thousand heads, along with sheep and poultry. Hunting activity in Alicante is carried out around 394,000 hectares of farms and rural land. Partridges, hares or rabbits abound in the small game reserves; while in those of big game, wild boars, deer and sheep.

The province of Alicante, belonging to the Valencian Community, is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, in what is known as the Spanish Levante. Alicante's geography is made up, for the most part, of mountain ranges such as Aitana, Puig Campana, Sierra de Mariola or Sierra de Salinas, which in turn form part of the Betic system. Important rivers such as the Segura, the Vinalopó and the Serpis also run through this area.


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Where to find the sale of a rustic property or a country house in Alicante?

You can find the sale of a rustic property or a country house in Alicante in Cocampo. If you want to buy a rustic property in Alicante, choose from those available on our website and contact the advertiser.

What is the list of hunting reserves in Alicante?

In the province of Alicante there are 358 hunting spaces. The list of hunting reserves in Alicante is public.

Where to buy a rustic land in Alicante?

To buy a rustic plot of land in Alicante you can use the Cocampo platform.

Can I find free hunting grounds in Alicante?

Yes, you can find free hunting reserves in Alicante. According to Law 13/2004, of December 27, on Hunting in the Valencian Community, these areas are known as Common Hunting Areas. For the 2022-2023 season, you can hunt on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If you are looking for hunting grounds for sale in Alicante, search the Cocampo website by filtering by province and selecting the category "Hunting".

How to get cheap country houses in Alicante?

You can get cheap country houses in Alicante through the search engine on our website. Use the search engine to filter by the province of Alicante to buy a country house for sale in Alicante.

Where can I buy repossessed country houses in Alicante?

In Cocampo you will find advertisements for country houses from banks in Alicante, which come from embargoes or adjudications by dation in payment. We recommend that you use the search filter to find a repossessed country house in Alicante.

In which municipalities are country houses published to buy in the Province of Alicante?

We have advertisements for country houses in La Romana, Dolores, San Isidro, Ibi and many other municipalities in Alicante. And we hope to continue increasing the published properties.

What are the cheapest fields for sale in Alicante in Cocampo?

The cheapest fields for sale in Alicante in Cocampo are an irrigated farm in Vall de Gallinera for 150,000 euros and an almond farm for 750,000 euros.

Is it possible to buy a country house to reform in Alicante?

If possible. You only have to use the Cocampo search engine to filter by the properties you want to find.

Are courses available in Cocampo for rent with option to buy in Alicante?

Yes, courses are available in Cocampo for rent with the option to buy in Alicante. Cocampo is an advertising platform for the sale and lease or rental of rustic properties.

What is the average price of the ads in Cocampo for the sale of fields in Alicante?

The average price of advertisements in Cocampo for the sale of fields in Alicante is 650,000 euros.


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